1 Ducat    (sold for $1880.0)

Franz Joseph I Gold Coronation Ducat 1867-A, Vienna mint, Montentuovo-2715 (in silver), 6.1 gm, MS62 NGC. Issued for the Coronation of Franz Joseph and Elizabeth as King and Queen of Hungary. Obv. Crowned and veiled bust of Elizabeth left. Rev. Crown over three-line inscription with the date in Roman numerals below. Well-struck, with prooflike fields and minor hairlines. A scarce coronation issue, the weight is well over that of a normal Ducat (about 3.5g), but less than 2 Ducat weight. Elizabeth had a great affinity for the country of Hungary and learned the language of its people. The country of Hungary returned her affection almost to a person.
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This coin has been sold for   $1880.0

Notes: http://coins.ha.com/itm/austria/world-coins/austria-franz-joseph-i-gold-coronation-ducat-1867-a-/a/3029-30333.s? Jan 15, 2014
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 Denomination: 1 Ducat
 Metal: Gold
 State: Austria-Hungary (1867-1918)
 Person: Franz Joseph I (1830 - 1916)
Description:   English
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