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1849, Kingdom of Greece, Otto I. Scarce Copper 10 Lepta Coin. F+

Condition: F+ Mint Year: 1849 Denomination: 10 Lepta Reference: KM-29 (small crown variety). Material: Copper Weight: 12.91gm Diameter: 28mm

Obverse: Value and date within wreath. Legend: 10 LEPTA 1849 Reverse: Crowned coat-of-arms of the Kingdom of Greece. Legend: BAZILEIA TEZ ELLADOZ

The Kingdom of Greece ) was a state established in 1832 in the Convention of London by the Great Powers (the United Kingdom, France and the Russian Empire). It was internationally recognized in the Treaty of Constantinople, where it also secured full independence from the Ottoman Empire. It succeeded from the Greek provisional governments of the Greek War of Independence, and lasted until 1924, when the monarchy was abolished, and the Second Hellenic Republic declared. The Kingdom was restored in 1935, and lasted until 1974, when, in the aftermath of a seven-year military dictatorship, the current Third Republic came into existence.

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This coin has been sold for   $13.0

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 Denomination: 10 Lepta
 Metal: Copper
 State: Greece
 Catalog reference:
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Coin variations: 19 instance(s)
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