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Mecklenburg-Schwerin2 Mark 1876 A. Jaeger 84. Fast sehr schön
Companies provided images and prices for 2 Mark Duchy of Mecklenburg-Schwerin (1352-19 ...

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Info: 2016-09-22
CoinWorldTV 1644, Salzburg, Count Paris von Lodron. Scarce Silver Pfennig Coin. XF! Condition: XF! Mint Year: 1644 Reference: KM-82. Mint Place: Salzburg Denomination: Pfennig Ruler ...

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Info: 2015-02-15
CoinWorldTV 1864, Prussia, Frederick William IV. Beautiful Copper 3 Pfennig Coin. AU-UNC! Mint Years: 1844 Reference: KM-449. Condition: AU-UNC! Denomination: 3 PfennigDiameter: 24m ...

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Info: 2017-06-19
CoinWorldTV 1867, Prussia, Frederick William IV. Copper 3 Pfennig Coin. Breslau mint! Condition: XF! Mint Years: 1867 Reference: KM-481. Mint Place: Breslau (B) Denomination: 3 Pfenn ...
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    5 Franc French Third Republic (1870-1940 ...
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CoinWorldTV 1873, France (3rd. Republic). Beautiful Large Silver 5 Francs Coin. XF-AU! Mint Ye ...
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CoinWorldTV 1712, Ceylon (Dutch United East India Company/VOC). Copper Stuiver Coin. F+ Con ...
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