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20 Mark
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German States – Prussia. 20 Marks, 1888-A. Fr-3828; KM-515; J-248. Weight 0.2305 ounce. Friedrich III.
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GERMANY, Prussia, Friedrich Wilhelm III (1797-1840), Frederick d'or 1798A (Berlin mint), obv. bust left, rev. eagle facing left, (KM 371, Friedberg 2425). Minor adjustment marks, ...

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DENMARK, Frederick III (1648-1670), silver krone or four mark, 1651, (KM.182, D.3567B). Delightful grey tone, good very fine and rare.

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CoinWorldTV 1818, Kingdom of Saxony, Frederick Augustus I. Silver 1/3 Thaler (½ Gulden) Coin. PCGS AU+ Mint Year: 1818 Mint Place: Dresden Reference: KM-1079. Denomination: 1/3 Thaler (½ Guld ...
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