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CoinWorldTV 1806, Emperor Francis II. Large Silver “King of the Romans” Thaler Coin. Rare! Mint Place: Vienna (A)Mint year: 1806 (3-year type!)Denomination: "King of the Romans" Thaler Reference: Davenport 4, Kahnt 335, KM-2159. RR! Weight: 28.05gm Diameter: 40mm Material: Silver Obverse: Wreathed bust of Francis II as Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire right. Legend ...
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Info: 2017-07-10
GERMANY-BAVARIA 1843 2 Thaler (3 1/2 Gulden) Silver Crown VF

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1842, Frankfurt (Free City). Huge Silver Double Thaler (3½ Gulden) Coin. 37gm!

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GERMANY, Prussia, Friedrich Wilhelm IV (1840-1861), silver double thaler or 3 1/2 gulden, 1841A (KM.440.1). Extremely fine or better.
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3 Kopeck Russian Empire (1720-1917) Copper Nichola ...
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    2 Gulden Free City of Frankfurt Silver
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Frankfurt, Stadt Gedenkdoppelgulden 1848. Erzherzog Johann. Jaeger 46, AKS 39. Vorzüglich
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