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1 Ruble    (aboutRuble)
Issue year(s):
1897 - 1915


Russia, Emperor Nicholas II. Large Silver Rouble Coin. Mint Place: St. PetersburgDenomination: Silver RoubleMint Master: Felix Zaleman (Ф.З)Reference: Davenport 293, KM-59Material: Silver (.900)Weight: 19.78gmDiameter: 34mmObverse: Head of Nicholas II left.Legend: “Б.М.НИКОЛАЍ II ИМПЕРАТОРЪ И САМОДЕРЖЕЦЪ ВСЕРОСС” Translated: "Nicholas II, Emperor and sole ruler of all Russia!"Rev ...
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Russia. Peter I, 1682-1725. Novodel Ruble struck in Gold, 1705 (Moscow). Fr-76 (62); Sev-12; Bitkin-532; Diakov-page 87, part 1. 44.22 grams. Laureate, cuirassed youthful bust right. Reverse: Cr ...

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Ivan III, 1741 Poltina 1741 MMД. Bit 7 (R1), Diakov 2, Ilyin (40 Rubl.), Sev 1352 (R), Uzd 0765 (RR). Rare Moscow mint Poltina. Authenticated and graded by NGC VF 35. Good very fine

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Russia. Polupoltinnik (¼ Ruble), 1739. Bitkin 1st ed-79; KM-202. Anna. Scarce two year type. NGC graded Fine-15. Estimated Value $200 - 250. Categories: Balance of World Crowns and Minors
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