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CoinWorldTV 1626, Transylvania, Gabriel Bethlehen. Silver Grossus (Groschen) Coin. Mint Year: 1626 Reference: KM-169. R! Mint Place: Nagybanya (Transilvania) Denominations: Broad Grossus (Groschen) Diameter: 25mm Weight: 2.61gm Material: Silver Obverse: Crowned hungarian coat of arms, flanked by mint initials (N-B). Legend: GAB DG SA RO IM ET TRAN PRIN Reverse: Madonna and chi ...
Companies provided images and prices for 1 Groschen Principality of Transylvania (1571 ...

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ROMANIA-TRANSYLVANIA, Michael Apafi (1661-1690), silver twelve groschen or zwolfer, 1673, obv. around MI.APAF-.D.G. PT.-* , bust to right with armour, wearing fur hat and sceptre ...

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Details about 1734, Emperor Charles VI. Silver 3 Kreuzer (Groschen) Coin. Vienna mint!

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HOLY ROMAN EMPIRE, Tyrol, Archduke Sigismund the Wealthy (1439-1490), silver groschen of six kreuzer, Hall mint, struck by W.Krondl in 1482-1490, obv. bust to right, ...
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