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LIBERIA 1847 pattern 1 Cent
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Collections: Add to Basket Sold for: $1600.0
Info: Estimate $1,500 ...
ELIZABETH II, Royal Mint trial set of planchets, c1985, undated, ten cents, twenty cents, fifty cents, one dollar, two dollars and five dollars, the first ...

Collections: Add to Basket Sold for: $850.0
Info: Estimate $500 S ...
CANADA, Queen Victoria - Elizabeth II, 1858-1973, includes 1858 cent, ten cents 1909 broad leaves, 1858 twenty cents, missing silver five cents, half dollars and ...

Collections: Add to Basket Sold for: $1500.0
Info: ...
1870. PCGS graded Proof 64. A totally white sparkler! Only 1,000 proofs struck. This is another attractive 1870 Proof coin that was part of an incomplete 1870 Proof set consigned to the sale by ...
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CoinWorldTV 1837, United States, Belleville, New Jersey. Copper T. Duseaman Token. HT-204! Mint ...
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    1 Thaler Kingdom of Prussia (1701-1918) ...
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