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Southern Rhodesia (British), George V. Silver Half Crown Coin.Mint Year: 1936 Reference: KM-5. Denomination: Half Crown Mint Place: Royal mint, London (UK) Material: Sterling Silver (.925) Weight: 14.08gm Diameter: 32mmSouthern Rhodesia was the name of the self-governing British colony north of the Limpopo River and the Union of South Africa. After its Unilateral Declaration of Independence ...
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BRITISH COINS, George VI (1936-1952), Crown, 1937, Halfcrowns (3), Florin, Shillings (3), Sixpence, Threepences (5), Penny and Threepence; Elizabeth II, Crowns (3), Halfcrown, Fifty-Pence and Nic ...

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SOUTH AFRICA 1952 5 Shillings Ship Silver Crown Choice UNC

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SOUTH AFRICA 1958 5 Shillings Silver Crown AU-UNC
Hi and good day please I looking some help I got in our old house some coins and I don't know just some peoble tell it's Austria old coins 
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