1000 Peso
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Urcaquary 1969, Uruguay (Republic). Large Silver 1000 Pesos Coin. FAO Commemorative! Mint Year: 1969 Reference: KM-55. Denomination: 1000 Pesos Material: Silver (.900) Weight: 24.99gm Diameter: 37mm Obverse: Stylized radiant sun with face in the middle. Exergue: URUGUAY * MIL PESOS * Reverse: Assorted stylized designs within inner circle. Legend: FAO . FIAT 1969 PANIS .Uruguay is a ...
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Info: http://www.ebay.com/itm/151866135111 2015-11-04
Urcaquary 1893, Uruguay (Republic). Nice Silver 50 Centesimos (½ Peso) Coin. XF+ Condition: XF+ Mint Years: 1893 Reference: KM-16. Mint Place: Santiago (So) Denominations: 50 ...
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CoinWorldTV 1939, Estonia (Republic). Beautiful Bronze 1 Sent Coin. Thick Planchet Variety! Mint Year: 1939 Reference: KM-19.1. Denomination: 1 Sent Condition: A nice XF-AU! Material ...
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CoinWorldTV 1826, Switzerland, Aargau (Canton). Billon Silver 1 Batzen Coin. VF Mint Year: 1826 Reference: KM-21. Denomination: 1 Batzen Mint Place: Aargau (Swiss Canton) Condition: Dark d ...
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