How to create online store

Online Store

Coinshome.Net allows to create own online-store, import products from existing sites and publish products to Market. This is great for generating traffic and sales from and helps to promote and advertise your business.

Information does not provide payment functionality - all visitors will be redirected to your site for checkout.

Register your site

To register your site:

  1. Visit the User Registration Page.

  2. Create an account.

  3. Visit the Organization Creation page in profile.

  4. Complete the page set up by providing information about your site.

  5. Click Submit

Create personal store

  1. Visit the Store Info Page.

  2. Complete the page set up

  3. Import Product Page
  4. Click Save

  5. Click View to open store welcome page.

Send a request to develop integration module

Once your Organization Page registration is complete, you can send a request to our support team to develop integration module for your site

  1. Send an email to support at with subject "Integration module for {your site url}"

  2. It takes 3-4 days to develop and deploy new module. We will contact you once it is ready.

Import products from your store with one click

Once module is complete for your site, you can start product's import

  1. Visit the Product Import page.

  2. Put url to product on your site

  3. Import Product Page
  4. Click Import

  5. Update product information

  6. Edit Product
  7. Click Save and Publish

  8. Click View in Market

  9. View product in personal store

  10. View in store


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2023-04-26 - Live Coin Catalog's improvements / coins uploading

265 coins were uploaded from 2023-04-19 to 2023-04-26
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2023-01-28 - New coin is added to 1/2 Dollar USA (1776 - ) Silver John Fitzgerald Kennedy (191 ...

    1/2 Dollar USA (1776 - ) Silver John Fitzgerald Kennedy (191 ...
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