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Mint Date: 1695 (1106AH)Mint Place: Qustantiniya (Istanbul)Reference: Davenport 317, KM-120.Denomination: Kurus (Ottoman/Turkish Dollar)Weight: 19.59gmDiameter: 39mmMaterial: SilverObverse: Titles of Sultan Mustafa II above mint name (Qustantiniya/Constantinople, today’s Istanbul) and accession year (1106AH).Reverse: Four lines of kufic legends with numerous decorative elements and knot ...


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Posted by: anonymous  2014-10-06
CoinWorldTV 1695, Ottoman Empire, Mustafa II. Large Silver Kurus Coin. VF+ Condition: VF+ Mint Date: 1695 (1106AH) Mint Place: Qustantiniya (Istanbul) Reference: Davenport 317, KM-120. Denomination: Kurus (Ottoman/Turkish Dollar) Weight: 19.76gm Diameter: 40mm Material: Silver ...

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Posted by: serega  2013-09-20
1 Kurush ,Turkey,Silver,1695,Mustafa II,
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