1 Tetradrachm Ptolemaic Kingdom (332BC-30BC) Silber Ptolemaios II ...

Ptolemaic Kingdom (332BC-30BC)             

Ptolemaios II. Philadelphos (309BC-246BC)             
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spa1 » Egypet from ancient days to current (35 Münzen)
If you are going to collect coins related to Egypt your collection might be huge and interesting and contain coins from other countries. After ancient times when pyramids had been built and humans started to mint coins current Egyptian land we ...

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Attica, Athens. Silver Tetradrachm (17.1 g), ca. 465/2-454 BC. Transitional Issue. Helmeted head of Athena right. Reverse AΘE, owl standing right, head facing, three distinct taial feathers; oli ...

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Attica, Athens, c. 475-465 BC. AR Tetradrachm (17.19 g). Head right of Athena wearing crested helmet ornamented with three olive leaves and palmette decoration. Reverse: Small upright owl standi ...

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Kingdom of Macedon. Alexander III, the Great, 336-323 BC. AR Tetradrachm (16.91 g) minted posthumously, likely at Amphipolis, c. 320-317 BC. Head right of Herakles wearing lion's skin headdress. ...
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1 Tetradrachm Antikes Griechenland (1100BC-330) Silber
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1 Oktadrachm Ptolemaic Kingdom (332BC-30BC) Gold
1 Oktadrachm Ptolemaic Kingdom (332BC-30 ...
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2021-05-08 - New coin is added to 50 Sen Japan Silber

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JAPAN 1932(YR7) 50 Sen Silver BU
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    20 Mark Anhalt-Dessau (1603 -1863) Gold Friedrich I. (Anhalt ...
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Anhalt. Friedrich I. 1871-1904. 20 Mark 1896 A. Jaeger 181. GOLD. Winzige Randfehler, sehr schön +
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