1 Rubel Russisches Reich (1720-1917) Gold Katharina II (1729-1796)

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Beigetragen von: anonymous  2015-03-01
Russia. Rouble, 1779. Fr-135; KM-C76; Sev-321. Catherine II, The Great. NGC graded AU-50. Estimated Value $400 - 500 Categories: World Gold

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Beigetragen von: anonymous  2015-02-19
RUSSIA, Catherine II, gold one rouble, 1779, (KM.C.76). Very fine.

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Beigetragen von: goldmen  2010-11-02
Gold RUSSIA. Ruble, 1779. Fr-118; Sev-321. Catherine II. Exceptionally fine, brilliant, some areas of soft strike as often found. NGC graded MS-63.
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Nice gold coins issued during Russian Empires lifetime. Russian Empire minted following coins in gold: ducats, rubles, poltinas, francs, zlotys, marks. Ruble and Poltina were used for internal purposes. Others (ducat, frank, zloty, mark) were mi ...

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Russia. Peter I, 1682-1725. Novodel Ruble struck in Gold, 1705 (Moscow). Fr-76 (62); Sev-12; Bitkin-532; Diakov-page 87, part 1. 44.22 grams. Laureate, cuirassed youthful bust right. Reverse: Cr ...

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Ivan III, 1741 Poltina 1741 MMД. Bit 7 (R1), Diakov 2, Ilyin (40 Rubl.), Sev 1352 (R), Uzd 0765 (RR). Rare Moscow mint Poltina. Authenticated and graded by NGC VF 35. Good very fine

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Russia. Polupoltinnik (¼ Ruble), 1739. Bitkin 1st ed-79; KM-202. Anna. Scarce two year type. NGC graded Fine-15. Estimated Value $200 - 250. Categories: Balance of World Crowns and Minors
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