(Verkauft für $29.0)

  • Date: C, 1216-1272
  • Obv: Facing bust wearing jewelled crown and holding cruciform sceptre; cinquefoil to right; all within triangle with thin inner triangle
  • Rev: Voided long cross, with pellet at centre; triple pellets in quarters
  • Size: 18mm
  • Weight: 0.63g
  • Condition: Grey tone with clear detail
Diese Münze wurde verkauft für   $29.0

Notes: https://www.ebay.com/itm/154541723346 2021-07-30

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2021-09-27 - New coin is added to 1 Franc Erstes Kaiserreich (1804-1814) Silber

    1 Franc Erstes Kaiserreich (1804-1814) Silber
Diese Gruppe hat    2 Münzen / 2 Preise

CoinWorldTV 1811, France (1st Empire), Napoleon I. Beautiful Silver 1 Franc Coin. VF+ Mint Year: 1811 Mint Place: Paris (A) Denomination: 1 Franc Reference: Davenport 85, KM-694.1. Condi ...

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