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Beschreibung: CoinWorldTV 1841, Emperor Ferdinand I. Nice Silver 20 Kreuzer Coin. Vienna mint! Mint Date: 1841 Reference: KM-2208. Mint Place: Vienna (A) Denomination: 20 Kreuzer Condition: Minor scratches in field, otherwise a nice XF! Diameter: 26mm Material: Silver Weight: 6.7gm Obverse: Laureate head of Ferdinand right. Mint initial (A) below. Legend: FERD . I . D . G . AVSTR . IMP . HVNG . BOH . R . H . N . V . / A Reverse: Imperial double headed weagle with coat of arms at chest and crown above. Legend: REX . LOMB . ET . VEN . DALM . (20) GAL . LOD . ILL . A . A . 1841 . Ferdinand I, Emperor of Austria, King of Hungary and Bohemia (April 19, 1793 - June 29, 1875) succeeded his father (Franz II Holy Roman Emperor/Franz I of Austria) as emperor and king (as Ferdinand V) in 1835. He chose to abdicate, after a series of revolts in 1848. He was also King of Lombardy-Venetia. Ferdinand has been depicted as feeble-minded and incapable of ruling, but although he was epileptic and certainly not intelligent, he kept a coherent and legible diary and has even been said to have a sharp wit. The up to twenty seizures he had per day, though, severely restricted his ability to rule with any effectiveness. Though he was not declared incapacitated, a regent's council (Archduke Luis, Count Kolowrat and Prince Metternich) steered the government. His marriage to Princess Maria Anna of Sardinia (1803-1884) was probably never consummated, nor is he believed to have had any other liaisons. He is famous for his one coherent command: when his cook told him he could not have apricot dumplings because they were out of season, he said: â€Å"I'm the Emperor, and I want dumplings!" As the revolutionaries of 1848 were marching on the palace, he is supposed to have asked Metternich for an explanation. When Metternich answered that they were making a revolution, Ferdinand is supposed to have said "But are they allowed to do that?" (Viennese German: Ja, duerfen's denn des?) He was convinced by Felix zu Schwarzenberg to abdicate in favour of his nephew, Franz Joseph (the next in line was Ferdinand's younger brother Franz Karl, but he was persuaded to waive his succession rights in favour of his son) who would occupy the Austrian throne for the next sixty-eight years. Ferdinand recorded the events in his diary : "The affair ended with the new Emperor kneeling before his old Emperor and Lord, that is to say, me, and asking for a blessing, which I gave him, laying both hands on his head and making the sign of the Holy Cross ... then I embraced him and kissed our new master, and then we went to our room. Afterward I and my dear wife heard Holy Mass ... After that I and my dear wife packed our bags" Ferdinand was the last King of Bohemia to be crowned as such. Due to his sympathy with Bohemia (where he spent the rest of his life in Prague Castle) he was given the Czech nickname "Ferdinand V, the Good". In Austria, Ferdinand was similarly nicknamed (Ferdinand the Benign), but also ridiculed as (Goodinand the Finished). He is interred in tomb number 62 in the Imperial Crypt in Vienna. Only 1$ shipping for each additional item purchased!
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Beigetragen von: anonymous
 Bezeichnung: 20 Kreuzer
 Metall: Silber
 Staat: Kaisertum Österreich (1804-1867)
 Person: Ferdinand I of Austria (1793 - 1875)
 Katalog Verweise:
Beschreibung:   Русский   English
Münz-Variationen: 11 Stück
Preise: 11 Stück
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