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Beschreibung: 1795 B-10, BB-22 Flowing Hair 2 Leaves Rarity 7. PCGS graded AU-58 PQ. CAC Approved. Subset of PCGS # 6853. Condition Census. In a new secure plus holder. This coin was previously graded MS61 by NGC. Second year of issue and a rare die pairing. Liberty facing right, flowing hair behind her head, LIBERTY above, date below, with stars arranged eight to the left and seven to the right. Reverse with eagle perched on a rock, enclosed by a wreath, open at the top, and with three leaves projecting upward beneath the wing of each eagle. The Flowing Hair type dollar was short lived and was produced only in 1794 and 1795. No doubt a greater mintage would have occurred in the former year, except that a press of insufficient capacity was all that was on hand, and the coins could not strike up satisfactorily. Accordingly, mintage in quantity was postponed until proper equipment could be obtained. The Flowing Hair dollars encompass many interesting die varieties. BB-22 is a landmark rarity. On the obverse, the numeral 7 is repunched over a 1; on the reverse, there is an outer berry below C and an inner below the final A in AMERICA. The surfaces are immaculate and beautifully toned, with a thin layer of gold toning over the underlaying medium gray. Remarkable is the strike which, save for a few dentils in the eagleís breast is far from typical for this variety. That is to say, devices are bold throughout. Whatís more, there are no adjustment marks, which puts this in the lead for those who would prefer not to see parallel lines in the surface of their coins. The adjustment marks came about before the coin was struck. But because there are none here, weíll omit describing how commonplace they are to early Flowing Hair dollars and save our description for another consignorís coin that may involve them. This particular specimen shows strong feathers on the eagle's wings and tail. Problem-free surfaces for the grade assist anyone in making the major decision whether or not to bid. With no other significant nicks or bumps and even devoid of the usual handling marks, this coin is a leader in its class. Variety collectors will learn that the 1795 silver dollars are one of the most challenging in the series to complete by variety. Of these known 22 varieties, one is believed to not exist (B-17), and another nine die pairings are considered to be R.7 to unique! And several of these are known with the curious "silver plug" located at the center of the coin. A wonderful opportunity for the Variety Set collector to acquire one of the highest-quality examples of this important early coin. Pop 2; none finer at PCGS for the variety. This is the Finest Known of the die marriage by at least 30 points. This remarkable coin deserves a Mint State grade. While the PCGS Population shows 2 in AU58 for the variety, BOTH represent this one coin. There is no other AU58 (or higher) coin for the variety. Although not as obvious as in the BB-11 example offered in this collection, this coin displays some evidence of a mint-inserted silver plug; so, while the coin has not been certified as such, prospective bidders should examine the coin closely to come to their own conclusion (PCGS # 39987) . Estimated Value $75,000 - 85,000. Ex: WGC/F.C.C. Boyd; Ex: Harold Bareford; The Dr. Hesselgesser Collection. Categories: Dollars
Diese Münze wurde verkauft für   $58000.0

Notes: http://www.goldbergcoins.com/view-auctions/catalog/id/14/lot/39932/ $75,000 - $85,000 2011-09-04

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Beigetragen von: anonymous
 Bezeichnung: 1 Dollar
 Metall: Silber
 Staat: Vereinigten Staaten von Amerika (17 ...
Beschreibung:   English
Münz-Variationen: 57 Stück
Preise: 51 Stück
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