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Beschreibung: 1795 B-4, BB-14 Rarity 3. PCGS graded AU-55. Housed in a new secure plus holder. Pop 2; none finer at PCGS for the variety. Peripheral toning exhibiting blue-green and hints of russet shades are noticeable on both sides of this almost uncirculated piece. Highly attractive and carefully preserved with warm antique accents around the rims on both sides. All but fully struck, with just a insubstantial touch of weakness at the lowest point of the eagle's right wing (viewing) and on the perch. Wreath is finely detailed. Hair waves on Liberty complete and in bold relief. A few light hairlines on the portrait in in the fields. Obverse 2: Star 15 is "hidden " entirely under the bust, where Miss Liberty cannot "see" even a part of it; the only 1795 obverse with this characteristic. Flowing hair in six curls; lowest curl ends faintly above two points of first star, and close to one point. Close date, figures 9 and 5 closest, and the distance between the 1 and 7 about the same as between the first star and figure 1. The 9 and 5 are lightly repunched. Two center dots; the larger is higher, slightly farther to the right, and closest below ear. Star closer to date than in any other variety, about 1.5 mm. Obverse die used to strike 1795 BB-14 only. Reverse C: Two leaves under each wing. 17 berries, nine on left branch, eight on right. A berry is on outside of the wreath midway between S and T of STATES, the only variety in which this occurs; the arrangement is similar to that used on the 1794 dollar. Reverse die used to strike 1795 BB-13 and BB-14. 1795 BB-14 is one of the more readily available issues of the year. An estimated 350 to 550 exist in all grades combined. The specialist will have no trouble acquiring a specimen in just about any grade up to VF. At the EF level, BB-14 becomes somewhat elusive, but a specimen in this grade can usually be acquired easily with less than a year's search. AU coins are rare, and Mint State examples are very rare (PCGS # 39981) . Estimated Value $25,000 - 35,000. Ex: Hesselgesser Collection. Categories: Dollars
Diese Münze wurde verkauft für   $27000.0

Notes: http://www.goldbergcoins.com/view-auctions/catalog/id/11/lot/24941/ $25,000 - $35,000 2011-05-29

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Beigetragen von: anonymous
 Bezeichnung: 1 Dollar
 Metall: Silber
 Staat: Vereinigten Staaten von Amerika (17 ...
Beschreibung:   English
Münz-Variationen: 57 Stück
Preise: 51 Stück
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