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1910,Pair of Certified Assorted silver Issues NGC, 1) Mexico: Estados Unidos "Caballito" Peso 1910 - AU53, Mexico City mint, KM453 2) Venezuela: Republic 5 Bolivares 1935-(p) - MS62, KM ...

1860,Pair of Certified Assorted silver Minors NGC, 1) German States: Hannover. Georg V 1/6 Taler 1860-B - MS64, Hannover mint, KM238 2) Portugal: Maria I 400 Reis 1794 - VF30, KM288 Sol ...

1933,Pius XI gold 100 Lire 1933-1934 MS62 NGC, KM19. Jubilee issue. Sold with Finnish certificate of authenticity. AGW 0.2546 oz. HID05401242017.

1893,Confederation gold 20 Francs 1893-B MS63 PCGS, Bern mint, KM31.3. AGW 0.1867 oz. HID05401242017.

1888,Confederation gold 20 Francs 1888-B AU58 NGC, Bern mint, KM31.3, Fr-497, HMZ-2-1194. Mintage: 4,224. A great rarity within the 19th-century Swiss 20 Francs series, boasting a compa ...

   1913,Confederation Franc 1913-B MS65 PCGS, Bern mint, KM24. HID05401242017.

1651,Christina Ore 1651 About XF (Active Corrosion), KM162.2. 47mm. 49.51gm. Better overall condition than is often seen for this type, with die polish still visible in the fields. Sold ...

   1908,British Colony. Edward VII Dollar 1908 MS62 NGC, KM26. HID05401242017.

   1888,Alfonso XIII 5 Pesetas 1888(88) MP-M MS64 NGC, Madrid mint, KM689. A more difficult grade for this characteristically poorly preserved type. HID05401242017.

1758,Ferdinand VI gold 1/2 Escudo 1758 M-JB UNC Details (Obverse Rim Filed) NGC, Madrid mint, KM378. HID05401242017.

1757,Ferdinand VI gold 1/2 Escudo 1757 M-JB MS63 NGC, Madrid mint, KM378.HID05401242017.

1756,Ferdinand VI gold 1/2 Escudo 1756 M-JB MS63 NGC, Madrid mint, KM378. A choice example marked by sunny golden luster and a commendable strike.HID05401242017.

1851,Victoria silver Proof INA Retro Issue "Gothic" Crown 1851-Dated (2008) PR66 Deep Cameo PCGS, KM-X27. HID05401242017.

1795,Lothian. Campbell's copper 1/2 Penny Token 1795 MS63 Brown PCGS, D&H-13b. HID05401242017.

1242,Lothian. Archibald's copper 1/2 Penny Token ND AU Details (Cleaned) PCGS, D&H-9a. HID05401242017.