8 Real Costa Rica 銀

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1831,COSTA RICA. 8 Reales, 1831-CRF. NGC VF Details--Surface Hairlines.KM-22. Very scarce one year only type coin. The obverse is well struck with good details in the sun and mountains, while the reverse is a little soft struck on the tree. That being said, the denomination is unusually bold an ...

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1831,COSTA RICA. 8 Reales, 1831-CRF. NGC EF Details--Repaired.KM-22. Very scarce one year type coin. A well struck example, showing some typical weakness in the tree. Some light areas of encrustation. Cleaned at one time, presumably as an attempt to remove further deposits. Some light evidence ...

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1831,COSTA RICA. 8 Reales, 1831-CRE. NGC EF-45.KM-22. Very scarce one year only type coin. RARE single letter "E" assayer letter. Well struck obverse with full sun face and bold rays over mountains. Reverse well struck for type, showing only slight weakness in the tree and denominatio ...

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Costa Rica -Central American Republic. 8 Reales, 1831-CR-F (San Jose). WR-1; Eliz-2; KM-22. 27.01 grams. Radiant sun face setting over row of volcanoes. Reverse: Tree on foliate ground, value on either side. Reverse die a little off-center, creating some unevenness in the legends, but centers ...

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1816,LATIN AMERICA. Crowns & Minors, 1816-1903.KM-69, 110, 128 & 144. 4 pieces in lot. All NGC certified. Includes: 1816 Guatemala 8 Reales(EF-40), 1875/3 Costa Rica 5 Centavos that has b ...

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CoinWorldTV 1889, Mexico (2nd Republic). Large Copper Centavo Coin. Nice VF! Mint Year: 1889 Condition: Nice VF! Reference: KM-391.6. Denomination: Centavo Mint Place: Mexico (Mo) ...

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MEXICO 1826-1872 2 Reales-50 Centavos Silver - 3 Coins
8 Escudo Costa Rica 金
8 Escudo Costa Rica 金
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20 Colon Costa Rica 金 克里斯托弗·哥伦布
20 Colon Costa Rica 金 克里斯托弗·哥伦布
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8 Real 秘鲁 銀
8 Real 秘鲁 銀
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CoinWorldTV 1909, Kingdom of Hungary, Emperor Franz Josef. Large Silver 5 Korona Coin. VF ...
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CoinWorldTV 1678, Kingdom of Hungary, Leopold I "the Hogmouth". Silver 3 Krajczar (Groschen) Co ...