8 Real 新西班牙總督轄區 (1535 - 1821) 銀 卡洛斯三世 (西班牙) (1716 -1788)

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8 Reals,Spanish Mexico,Silver,1779,El Cazador

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1787,MEXICO. 8 Reales, 1787-FM. ANACS AU-58.KM-106.2a; FC-72a; El-100. Small planchet flaw on obverse in front of bust. Highly lustrous on the reverse. Light attractive toning.

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1777,MEXICO. 8 Reales, 1777-MoFM. Charles III (1759-88). NGC Unc Details--Obverse Scratched.KM-106.2; FC-58a; El-83. Light short scratches in right field.

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1788,MEXICO. 8 Reales, 1788-MoFM. Charles III (1759-88). NGC AU-58.KM-106.2a; Cal-type-103#942; FC-73. Well struck.PCGS#: 661000Pedigree: From the David Gray Collection.

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1787,MEXICO. 8 Reales, 1787-MoFM. Charles III (1759-88). NGC MS-61 PL.KM-106.2a; Cal-type-103#941; FC-72a. Full flashing luster with a few hints of peripheral toning.Pedigree: From the David Gray Collection. Ex: Heritage Sale #3004 Lot #23866 January 4, 2009.

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1786,MEXICO. 8 Reales, 1786-MoFM. Charles III (1759-88). NGC AU-58.KM-106.2a; Cal-type-103#939; FC-71a. Lustrous and appealing.Pedigree: From the David Gray Collection.

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Under Charles' reign (1759 – 1788), Spain began to be recognized as a nation rather than a collection of kingdoms and territories with a common sovereign. His efforts resulted in creation of a National Anthem, a flag, and a capital city worthy ...
moneda de españa: columnarios

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SPAIN, Charles III, half escudo, 1788 Seville (KM 425.2), 1788M Madrid (KM.425.1); Ferdinand VII half escudo, 1817 GJ Madrid (KM.492); Isabella, twenty reales, 1861 (KM.610); ...

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1885, Mexico (2nd Republic). Silver 8 Reales (Cap Dollar) Coin. Culiacan mint!

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1741, Mexico, Philip V. Colonial Silver 8 Reales Coin. Spanish Pillar Dollar!
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