8 Escudo 新格拉納達總督轄區 (1717 - 1819) 金 卡洛斯三世 (西班牙) (1716 -1788)

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1775,COLOMBIA. 8 Escudos, 1775-JJ. Nuevo Reino Mint (Bogota). Charles III (1759-88). NGC AU Details--Reverse Scratched.Fr-35; KM-50.1.

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1787,COLOMBIA. 8 Escudos, 1787-P SF. Charles III (1759-88). NGC AU-58.Fr-36; KM-50.2a.

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1785,COLOMBIA. 8 Escudos, 1785-NR JJ. Charles III (1759-88). NGC AU-55.Fr-35; KM-50.1a.

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1782,COLOMBIA. 8 Escudos, 1782-NR JJ. Charles III (1759-88). NGC AU-58.Fr-35; KM-50.1.

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1782,COLOMBIA. 8 Escudos, 1782-NR JJ. Charles III (1788-1808). PCGS MS-61 Secure Holder.Fr-35; KM-50.1. Toned with good luster.PCGS#: 230225

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1776,COLOMBIA. Contemporary Counterfeit 8 Escudos, 1776-PSF. Charles III (1759-88).27.01 gms. cf.Fr-36; cf.KM-50.2. Struck with dies of a bit finer style than most counterfeits. Likely struck in debased gold or gilt platinum. A RARE and well made falsification of this popular date.Pedigree: Ex: ...
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SPAIN, Charles III, half escudo, 1788 Seville (KM 425.2), 1788M Madrid (KM.425.1); Ferdinand VII half escudo, 1817 GJ Madrid (KM.492); Isabella, twenty reales, 1861 (KM.610); ...

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1846,COSTA RICA. 8 Reales, Authorized October 15, 1846.KM-59; Gurdian-pg. 64 Type IX; Resellos de Costa Rica-pg. 27 Type 4. Type V countermark. On a 1753-J Guatemala "Pillar" cob 8 Real ...

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CoinWorldTV 1889, Mexico (2nd Republic). Large Copper Centavo Coin. Nice VF! Mint Year: 1889 Condition: Nice VF! Reference: KM-391.6. Denomination: Centavo Mint Place: Mexico (Mo) ...
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2 Mark 普魯士王國 (1701 - 1918) 銀 威廉二世 (德国)
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