5 Ruble 俄罗斯帝国 (1721 - 1917) 金 叶卡捷琳娜二世 (1729-1796)

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Russian Coins and Historical Medals. Catherine II, 1762-1796 5 Roubles 1765 СПБ. GOLD. 6.52 gm. Fr 130a, Bit 56 (R), Diakov 78 (R2), Sev 267, Uzd 0114 (R). Authenticated and graded by PCGC AU 53. Full original mint lustre. About uncirculated

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1763,RUSSIA. 5 Ruble, 1763/2-CNB. Catherine II (the Great) (1762-96). PCGS AU-58.EXTREMELY RARE Heavy Weight Standard Gold 5 Ruble of Catherine the GreatFr-130; C-78.2; Bit-7; Dia-2; Sev-259. This heavy weight standard type of Catherine was issued in 1762 and 1763 only, on a weight standard of ...

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Russia. 5 Roubles, 1776-СПБ. Bitkin 1st ed, 67; Fr-130a; KM-C78a. Catherine II, The Great. Bust right. Reverse: Cross of four shields. NGC graded VF-30. Estimated Value $1,500 - 1,700. Categories: World Gold

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Russia. 5 Roubles, 1772-СПБ. Fr-130a; KM-C78a; Sev-299. Catherine II. Ex jewelry, mounted, scratched and harshly cleaned. Fine. Estimated Value $600 - 800 Categories: World Gold

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Russia. 5 Rubles, 1767-СПБ. Fr-130a; Sev-282A; KM-C78a. Catherine II, The Great. PCGS graded AU-53. Estimated Value $3,000 - 4,000. Categories: World Gold Coins

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Gold RUSSIA. 5 Rubles, 1766. SP'. Sev-275; Fr-113; Cr-78a. Catherine II. Mature bust without neck ruffle. Some surface flaws. NGC graded AU-50.

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Old Ukrainian Russian tribes used Roman denarius and Byzantine money. A lot of them were found on ancient Russia. A bit later in 9th century Arab Caliphate dirhams were used. First own coins were minted during Kievan Rus’ times and were similar ...

spa1 » Russian Empire's Gold (29 钱币)
Nice gold coins issued during Russian Empires lifetime. Russian Empire minted following coins in gold: ducats, rubles, poltinas, francs, zlotys, marks. Ruble and Poltina were used for internal purposes. Others (ducat, frank, zloty, mark) were mi ...

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Russia. Peter I, 1682-1725. Novodel Ruble struck in Gold, 1705 (Moscow). Fr-76 (62); Sev-12; Bitkin-532; Diakov-page 87, part 1. 44.22 grams. Laureate, cuirassed youthful bust right. Reverse: Cr ...

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Ivan III, 1741 Poltina 1741 MMД. Bit 7 (R1), Diakov 2, Ilyin (40 Rubl.), Sev 1352 (R), Uzd 0765 (RR). Rare Moscow mint Poltina. Authenticated and graded by NGC VF 35. Good very fine

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Russia. Polupoltinnik (¼ Ruble), 1739. Bitkin 1st ed-79; KM-202. Anna. Scarce two year type. NGC graded Fine-15. Estimated Value $200 - 250. Categories: Balance of World Crowns and Minors
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