5 Dollar 美利堅合眾國 (1776 - ) 金

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1806 Knobbed 6 BD-6, Rarity 2. Sharpness of EF. Reverse scratches. Cleaned years ago. A still-generaous amount of luster present within the devices of the highest desirablity for this popularly collected Capped Bust, Large Eagle Type. Light golden color blends smoothly with spot-free highlight ...

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1800. . BD-2, Blunt 1, Breen-6438. PCGS graded MS-60. Housed in an Old Green Holder. Only 37,628 pieces struck. A nice bold strike. Light golden toning. Estimated mintage for 1800 is 15,000 to 30,000 total for the date, and perhaps 7,500 to 12,500 for BD-2 variety. The mintage figures reported ...

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1806. Round 6. . BD-6, Breen-6447. NGC graded AU Details improperly cleaned. Some mint frost remains, lightly toned. Although this is by far the most commonly found 1806 Capped Bust, Large Eagle fie, and also the most seen variety amopng all the Draped Bust coins, it remains as the only die va ...

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1800. . BD-2, Breen-6438, blunt 1 in date. NGC graded EF-40. Basically untoned with the surface showing minor roughness from its time in circulation. Even color throughout. A scarce early Capped Bust, Large Eagle five. Dannreuther suggests a mintage of 7,500 to 12,500 for the variety, with per ...

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1807. Bust Right BD-1 Rarity 4+ NGC graded Unc Details. Improperly cleaned. Mostly well struck with full hair detail. Bright and lustrous with some light hairline scratches in the right obverse field. Lovely golden overtones add to its appeal. As this is the only reverse with small stars used ...

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1806. Round 6 BD-6 Rarity 2. NGC graded AU-58. Mostly well struck with central details such as Liberty's hair completely defined. The bright lustrous surfaces are slightly reflective. Some faint hairlines are noted under magnification, most of which were probably present when struck. As noted ...
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1923-S Liberty Standing Quarter Dollar. PCGS graded MS-64 PQ. Well struck with the head nearly full. Close examination suggests this is a full head. Lightly toned around the edges. A nice origin ...

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1908-S. NGC graded MS-66 Red. Nice strike with relatively fresh color. Frosty Gem. Tied for finest at NGC. Satiny matte surfaces explode with intense luster and varying shades of coppery and gol ...

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1919-D. PCGS graded MS-63. CAC Approved. Weak strike as usually seen for the date. But overall a beautiful lustrous untoned example for this rare date. The end of the First World War, celebrated ...
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