20 Corona 奥匈帝国 (1867 - 1918) 金 弗朗茨·约瑟夫一世 (1830 - 1916)

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Austria. 20 Corona, 1908. KM-2811. For the 60th Anniversary of Reign. NGC graded MS-63. Estimated Value $350 - 400. Categories: World Gold Coins

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AUSTRIA, Franz Joseph, twenty corona, 1908 (KM.2811) 60th anniversary of reign. Uncirculated.

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KM# 2811 20 CORONA6.7751 g., 0.9000 Gold 0.1960 oz. AGW, 21 mm. Ruler: FranzJoseph I Subject: 60th Anniversary of Reign Obv: Head right Rev:Crowned double eagle, crown divides two dates, value at bottom Austria Austria-Hungary 1908

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Franz Joseph I gold 20 Corona 1908, KM#2811, MS63 NGC, full glowing mint brilliance with an appealing frost, scarce grade for this commemorative marking the 60th year of reign. Krause catalog price(s) for this item: $250 in VF, $285 in EF, $380 in UNC, $425 in BU.

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Franz Joseph I gold 20 Corona 1908, commemorating the 60th anniversary of the reich of Franz Joseph I, KM#-2811, Fr-515, MS65 NGC. Nice cameo contrast, with fully prooflike fields. No pieces have been certified finer by either NGC or PCGS.

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AUSTRIA, Franz Joseph, twenty francs or eight florins, 1889 (KM.2269) ten corona, 1897, 1912 restrike (KM 2805, 2816). Nearly extremely fine - uncirculated. (3)

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Franz Joseph Lot of Two Restrike gold Coins 1912 1915, 1912, 10 Corona, KM#2816, UNC. 1915, Ducat, KM#2267, UNC. AGW 0.0208 oz. Sold as is, no return lot.

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CoinWorldTV 1887, Hungary, Emperor Francis Joseph I. Silver Forint (Gulden) Coin. UNC! Mint year: 1887 Reference: KM-469 Condition: Lustre UNC! Mint place: Kremnitz (K.B.) Denominati ...
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