20 Cent 香港 銀 维多利亚 (英国君主)

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20 Cent

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1888,HONG KONG. 20 Cents, 1888. PCGS MS-63 Secure Holder.KM-7; Mars-C8. Nice golden toning.

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1879,HONG KONG. 20 Cents, 1879. PCGS Genuine--Cleaning, EF Details Secure Holder.KM-7; Mars-C28. Key date.PCGS#: 162

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1874,HONG KONG. 20 Cents, 1874-H. PCGS MS-63 Secure Holder.KM-7; Mars-C28. Nice old cabinet toning.

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1866,HONG KONG. 20 Cents, 1866. PCGS PROOF-64+ Secure Holder.KM-7; Mars-C28; Prid-17a. Reeded edge proof. Light attractive toning.

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1898,HONG KONG. 20 Cents, 1898. PCGS Genuine--Environmental Damage, AU Details Secure Holder.KM-7; Mars-C28. Dark. Toned.PCGS#: 165543

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1893,HONG KONG. 20 Cents, 1893. NGC Unc Details--Surface Hairlines.KM-7; Mars-C28; Pr-46.

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1815 Capped Bust Half Dollar. 5 over 2. NGC graded MS-64. A nice strike with lovely original toning. A popular key date. And also, we might add, well struck and choice for this rare date. One of ...

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1869. NGC graded Proof 65 Ultra Cameo. A magnificent brilliant untoned cameo proof specimen. We note a minute milling mark in the left field before Liberty's nose, otherwise, perfection. Rare lo ...

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CoinWorldTV 1880, USA. California Fractional Gold? 1/4 Dollar (25C) Coin. Uncertain Type! Mint Year: 1880 Region: CaliforniaDenomination: 1/4 Dollar (25 Cetns) Reference: Uncert ...
20 Cent 香港 銀 维多利亚 (英国君主)
20 Cent 香港 銀 维多利亚 (英国君主)
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50 Cent 香港 銀 维多利亚 (英国君主)
50 Cent 香港 銀 维多利亚 (英国君主)
本组有   17 钱币 / 16 售价
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