1 Thaler 巴伐利亞王國 (1806 - 1918) 銀 路德维希一世 (巴伐利亚)

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1832,GERMANY. Bavaria. Taler, 1832. NGC MS-64.KM-761. Commemorating Prince Otto of Bavaria, first modern King of Greece. Varied blue and yellow hued toning. Very sharp details and reflective underlying luster.Pedigree: From the Rockaway Collection.

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GERMANY-BAVARIA 1832 1 Thaler Otto King of Greece Silver Crown VF-XF

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Bavaria. Ludwig I Taler 1832, KM#402, XF, cleaned. Prince Otto as king of Greece.

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Bavaria. Ludwig I Taler 1832, KM#402, MS65 NGC, gorgeous gray and gold patina, highly appealing. Prince Otto becomes King of Greece.

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Bavaria. Ludwig I Taler 1832, Prince Otto of Bavaria First King of Greece, KM#761, Choice UNC, superb strike with prooflike fields and nice purple toning. A premium example of this popular issue.

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Bavaria. Ludwig I Taler 1832, KM#761, AU, cleaned with noticeable hairlines. Part of the historical Taler series, this example struck to celebrate king Otto of Bavaria becoming king of Greece. Krause catalog price(s) for this item: $150 in VF, $325 in EF, $500 in UNC, $650 in BU.

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1842, Frankfurt (Free City). Huge Silver Double Thaler (3½ Gulden) Coin. 37gm!

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GERMANY, Prussia, Friedrich Wilhelm IV (1840-1861), silver double thaler or 3 1/2 gulden, 1841A (KM.440.1). Extremely fine or better.

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GERMANY. Prussia. Friedrich Wilhelm IV (1840-1861). Double Taler (1845). Berlin. Obv: FRIEDR. WILHELM IV KOENIG V. PREUSSEN. Bare head right. Rev: 2 THALER VII EINE F. MARK 3 1/2 GULDEN / VEREINS ...
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