1 Thaler 奥格斯堡 (1276 - 1803 Augsburg) 銀 古斯塔夫二世·阿道夫 (1594 – 1632)

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Augsburg-unter schwedischer Besetzung, Gustav II. Adolf Taler 1632. Forster 240, Davenport 4543. Schöne Patina. Kleiner Randfehler, winzige Kratzer, sehr schön +

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Augsburg. Gustavus Adolphus Taler 1632, KM#-A68, about XF, surfaces tooled on obverse. Struck during Sweden's occupation of the city during the Thirty Years War.

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Augsburg. Gustaf II Adolf of Sweden Taler 1632, KM#-A68, Dav-4543, AU 55 NGC, nicely toned with very sharp details, faint scratches in the right obverse field, barely noticeable. Struck during the Swedish possession. of the city.

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Augsburg. Gustav Adolph Taler 1632, KM#-A68, D-4543, toned XF details but three large cross-shaped scratches in the obverse fields (intentional religious graffiti). One of the classic issues of the occupying Swedish forces.

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Augsburg. Gustavus Adolphus of Sweden Taler 1632, KM#-A68, D-4543, MS63 NGC. Attractive gray toning with golden highlights. The strike is bold and the fields near-pristine over underlying luster. A superior example of this early one-year type.

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Augsburg. Gustav II Adolph of Sweden Riksdaler 1632, D-4543, 29.19 grams, MS62 NGC, fully struck with an imposing portrait of the Swedish King, light gray toning with excellent eye appeal. Rare type in this select quality.

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SWISS CANTONS-ZURICH 1813 40 Batzen (Thaler) Silver Crown VF-XF

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GERMANY-BAVARIA 1843 2 Thaler (3 1/2 Gulden) Silver Crown VF

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SWITZERLAND, Glarus, silver forty batzen (thaler), Glarus Shooting Festival, 1847 (KM.20, D.373). As struck, toned, extremely fine and very rare.
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