1 Sixpence / 6 Penny 大不列顛王國 (1707 - 1800) 銀 乔治二世 (大不列颠) (1683 - 1760)

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CoinWorldTV 1757, Great Britain, George II. Nice Silver Sixpence (6 Pence) Coin. VF+ Condition: VF+ Mint Year: 1757 Reference: KM-582.2. Denomination: Six Pence Diameter: 21mm Material: Silver Weight: 2.98gm Obverse: Old laureate and draped bust of George II left. Legend: GEORGIU ...

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Großbritannien, George II. Sixpence 1757. K.M. 582.2, Seaby 3711. Vorzüglich

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GREAT BRITAIN 1757 6 Pence George II Silver XF-AU

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Great Britain. Sixpence, 1757. S.3711; KM-582.2. George II. Old head. Reverse: Angles plain. Lovley old toning. PCGS graded MS-62. Estimated Value $175 - 200. Categories:

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Great Britain. Sixpence, 1728. S.3705; ESC-1603 (R2). George II, 1727-1760. Young laureate draped and armored bust left. Reverse: Cross of crowned shields. Angles plain. Couple of natural die break lines near edge. Attractive old time toning with original full luster. Rare first type. NGC grad ...

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Great Britain. Sixpence, 1757. S.3711; ESC-1622; KM-582.2. George II. Crisply made and mint state, with a remarkable absence of surface marks. Gorgeous aquamarine and magenta toning on both sides, the reverse exhibits an interesting 'ghosting' of the bewigged bust of the king. Not a rare date, ...

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BRITISH COINS, MISCELLANEOUS, Charles II, Silver Twopence, 1679; William III, contemporary forgery of a Shilling, first bust, 1696, Silver Sixpences (2), first bust, date illegible, large crowns ...

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Info: http://www.noble.com.au/auctions/lot/?id=288044 Estimate $350 S ...
NINETEENTH CENTURY COPPER TOKENS, threepence (3), twopences (2), pennies (15), replica Cornish penny, halfpennies (17), farthings (3), checks (5), includes choice Wellington halfpennies (2) and ...

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BRITISH COINS, George VI (1936-1952), Crown, 1937, Halfcrowns (3), Florin, Shillings (3), Sixpence, Threepences (5), Penny and Threepence; Elizabeth II, Crowns (3), Halfcrown, Fifty-Pence and Nic ...
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