1 Obol Ancient Greece (1100BC-330) 銀

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450BC - 350BC

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THRACE, MESEMBRIA AE 16 Description: Date: C, 175-100 BC Obv: Crested Corinthian helmet Rev: M-E-T-A within wheel with four spokes ...

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THRACE, MESEMBRIA AE 17 Description: Date: C, 3rd century BC Obv: Facing Corinthian helmet Rev: META within wheel S ...

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[ 3850] MESEMBRIA: THRACE Silver Diobol (11mm, 1.01 gm.) Struck 400-350 B.C. Reference: Sear 1673. Crested helmet facing. META in the four quarters of a radiate wheel. An important colony of Megara, Mesembria was situated on the Black Sea coast, north of Apollonia Pontika.

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Thrace, Mesembria (450-350 BC) AR Obol Coin. Corinthian Helmet / Wheel. R!

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BACTRIA, Kingdom of, Eukratides I, (170-145 B.C.), AE quadruple unit or hemi-obol (25x22mm), (7.60 grams), obv. pith helmeted head of Eukratides to right with legend ...

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Ptolemy I Soter AE Hemiobol, very rare Ptolemaic Kings of Egypt. Ptolemy I Soter (305-282 BC). Æ quarter obol (14 mm, 1.96 g). Tyre mint. Struck after 294 or 289/8 BC. Obv. Diademed head of Alexa ...

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ITALY, Lucania, Thurium (Thourioi), (350 -300 B.C.), silver nomos, stater or didrachm, (7.428 grams), obv. head of Athena to right wearing crested Athenian helmet, ornamented ...
1 Tetradrachm Ancient Greece (1100BC-330) 銀
1 Tetradrachm Ancient Greece (1100BC-330) 銀
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1 Didrachm Ancient Greece (1100BC-330) 銀
1 Didrachm Ancient Greece (1100BC-330) 銀
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