1 Kopeck 俄罗斯帝国 (1721 - 1917) 銅 保罗一世 (俄国) (1754-1801)


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Urcaquary 1800, Russia, Emperor Paul I. Nice Copper 1 Kopek Coin. VF-XF! Mint Year: 1800 Reference: KM-94.2. Denomination: 1 Kopek Mint Place: Jekaterinburg (EM) Condition: Minor greenish deposits and scratches, otherwise VF-XF! Material: Copper Weight: 10.12gm Diameter: 28mm Obv ...

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1801,RUSSIA. Kopek, 1801-EM. Ekaterinburg Mint. NGC MS-61 BN.Bit-125. Tied with one other example for finest graded at NGC, with none submitted at PCGS. Last year of issue, Paul I was dispatched to the afterlife by assassins in March of 1801.

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Russia. Kopek, 1799-EM. Bitkin-123; Br-52. Paul I. Extremely Fine. Estimated Value $100 - 125. Categories: World Crowns & Minors

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Russia. Kopek, 1799-EM. Bitkin-123; Br-52. Paul I. Extremely Fine to About Uncirculated. Estimated Value $125 - 175. Categories: World Crowns & Minors

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Russia. Kopek, 1800-ЕМ. B-56; KM-C94.2. Paul I. Mintmark poorly struck and appears to be EM/KM (KM incorrect on slab holder). Natural edge flaw. Trace of mint red. NGC graded MS-63 Brown. Estimated Value $100 - 125. Categories: Balance of World Crowns and Minors

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Urcaquary 1797, Russia, Paul I. Scarce Copper Kopek Coin. Jekaterinburg mint! Condition: F-VF Mint Year: 1797 Reference: KM-94.2. Denomination: Kopek Mint Place: Jekaterinburg (E.M.) Weight: 10.34gm Material: Copper Diameter: 28mm Obverse: Crown above monogram of Paul I of Russi ...

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Красивые копейки разных времен - Древняя Русь, Российская Империя, СССР, Россия, Украина, Польша, Молдавия. Интересно, что в древние времена даже копейки были серебряными а сегодня даже рубли из дешевых металлов. Может быть поэтому раньше ин ...
Coin 1 kopeck of 1798 (Monetos TV)
    Русский  /  Копейка

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RUSSIAN COINS & MEDALS FROM OTHER PROPERTIES, PART II Lots & miscellaneous / Лоты и прочее Rouble 1819. 20 Kopecks 1768, 1822. Grivennik 1771. 5 Kopecks 1755, 1815. Kopeck 1711. Denga 1735, 1739? ...

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RUSSIAN COINS Catherine II, 1762-1796 2 Kopecks 1795 MM. OVERSTRUCK OVER MOLDAVIAN 2 PARA-3 KOPECK. 16.27 gm. Bit 141 (R1), B 190 (R), Uzd 2891 (S). Square of undertype frames St. George while th ...

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Russia. 10 Kopecks (Grivennik), 1735. Diakov-4; Sev-1199; KM-194. Anna, 1730-1740. Sharply struck, nice original tone with underlying luster. NGC graded AU-55. Estimated Value $1,000 - 1,200. Ca ...
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