1 Ecu 中世纪的法国 銀 路易十五 (1710 - 1774)

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1763,FRANCE. Ecu, 1763-M. Toulouse Mint. Louis XV (1715-74). NGC EF-40.Dav-1331; km-512.13. A few light adjustment mark. Deeply toned and attractive.

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France. Ecu au bandeau, 1756-L (Bayonne). Dav-1331; Gad-322; KM-512.12. Louis XV. Head with headband left. Reverse: Crowned arms within sprays. A very faint obverse scratch in the field. Sharply struck with original mint luster beneath a light gray and golden tone. NGC graded AU-58. Estimated ...

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France. Ecu, 1747-E (Tours). Dav-1331; Gad-322; KM-512.7. Louis XV. Head with headband left. Some adjustment marks. Toned. NGC graded EF-45. Estimated Value $300 - 400. Categories: World Crowns & Minors

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CoinWorldTV 1757, Royal France, Louis XV. Large Silver Ecu Dollar Coin. Paris mint! Mint year: 1757 Denomination: Ecu Mint Place: Paris (A) References: Davenport 1331, Douplessy 1680, KM-512.1. Condition: Weight-adjusting marks and scratches, otherwise VF+ Weight: 29.02gm D ...

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CoinWorldTV 1748, Royal France, Louis XV. Silver Ecu (French Dollar) "Belt Buckle" Coin. R! Mint year: 1748 Denomination: Ecu References: KM-512.14. Mint Place: Montpellier (N) Condition: Converted into a belt-buckle by two welded elements in reverse, otherwise a n ...

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FRANCE, Louis XII, ecu d'or 1629, Paris Mint (F.146; KM.41.1). Nearly very fine.

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France - Anglo-Gallic. 1 Salut d' Or, ND. Fr-301; Elias-270c. Henry VI, 1422-1453. Rouen mint. Mint mark, leopard. Two shields side by side, bearing the arms of France on the left and England on ...

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France. Ecu d'or au soleil, ND. Fr-323. Louis XII, 1498-1515. Crowned arms of France, small sun above. Reverse: Floriated cross. Very Fine. Estimated Value $400 - 500 Categories: World Gold
5 Franc Katanga 金
5 Franc Katanga 金
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1 Tetradrachm 托勒密王國 (305 BC - 30 BC) 銀
1 Tetradrachm 托勒密王國 (305 BC - 30 BC) 銀
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IRAN Mohammed Reza Pahlevi, 1941-1979. 5 Pahlevi 1960. 40.68 g. Fr. 99. Vorzüglich.
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10 Dollar 巴巴多斯 銀