1 Ducat 巴伐利亞王國 (1806 - 1918) 金 马克西米利安二世 (巴伐利亚国王)

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1855,GERMANY. Bavaria. Ducat, 1855. PCGS Genuine--Rim Damage, AU Details Secure Holder.Fr-277; KM-839. Several small rim nicks, mostly on reverse. From a mintage of only 1,540 pieces.PCGS#: 459388

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Bavaria. Maximilian II gold Ducat 1855, KM#457, MS61 PL NGC, lightly frosted bust with reflective surfaces, minor handling in the obverse fields. Low mintage date.

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Bavaria. Maximilian II gold Ducat 1849, KM#457, MS62 PL NGC, sparkling surfaces with flashy appeal, low mintage date.

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Bavaria. Maximilian II gold Ducat 1854, Friedberg 277, KM#457, MS62 PL NGC, flashy reflective surfaces with light original toning. Mintage of only 5,707.

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Bavaria. Maximilian II gold Ducat 1851, KM#839, Fr-277, XF Details, numerous marks on both sides with a noticeable scratch on Maximilian's face, and a reverse rim bump.

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KM# 839 DUCAT3.4900 g., 0.9370 Gold 0.1051 oz. AGW Ruler: Maximilian IIObv: Head right Obv. Legend: MAXIMILIAN II KOENIG VBAYERN Rev: Crowned arms with supporters Rev. Legend: EINDUCATEN Note: Fr. #277. Prev. KM#457. Germany Kingdom of Bavaria 1849 1850 1852 1853 1855 1856

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HUNGARY, Ludwig I (1342-1383), gold gulden or ducat, obv. Florentine lily, around +LODOV ICI REX, rev. St. John, standing facing, around S IOHA NNES B, ...

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HUNGARY, Sigismund (1387-1437), gulden or ducat, obv. quartered arms in shield, around SIGISMVNDI D G R VNGARIE, rev. St Ladislas standing facing, around S LADISL ...

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HUNGARY, Rudolf II (1576-1608), ducat or gulden, 1589, (3.47 g), issued at the Kremnitz mint, obv. Madonna standing facing, around RVDOL II D G RO ...
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1/4 Rupee German East Africa (1885-1919) 銀
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CoinWorldTV 1913, German East Africa (DOA). Nice Silver Quarter Rupee (1/4 Rupie) Coin. VF+ ...
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WORLD COINS, THAILAND, Copper ½-Fuang, undated (1866) (KM Y4); with Miscellaneous World Coins, ...