1 Ducat 外西凡尼亞公國 (鄂圖曼帝國) (1570 - 1711) 金 Sigismund Báthory, princ ...

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Sigismund Báthory, prince of Transylvania (1572 -1613)             
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Sigismund Bathori gold Ducat 1586, Fr-295, AU-Uncirculated, essentially as struck. Full mint brilliance. St. Ladislas standing, holding halbred, orb and cross. Reverse madonna and child. Hermannstadt mint. A great early Ducat.

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Sigismund Bathori gold Ducat 1586, Friedberg 295, MS64 NGC, a superb coin with incredible mint luster and meticulously sharp design features. Rare and highly desirable in this premium quality.

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Sigismund Bathory gold Ducat 1593, Hermannstadt mint, Fr-295, AU55 NGC. A bright gold ducat on a slightly wavy planchet. There is noticeable luster left in protected areas and a few light marks appear on the surfaces. The portrait of St. Ladislaus is a little crude for the type, however both si ...

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Sigismund Bathori gold Ducat 1584, Fr-295, UNC Details (Scratches) NGC. Slightly wavy flan, with the scratches referred to by NGC being three moderately sized ones on the reverse. Otherwise, an attractive example of a very rare piece. All examples of this type that have been sold publicly in th ...

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1594 Sigismund Bathori Ducat Sigismund Bathori gold Ducat 1594, Klausenburg mint, Fr-297, MS62 NGC. Obv. St. Ladislaus standing facing, holding ax and globus cruciger. Rev. Madonna and Child facing. Fully lustrous, and well struck for the issue, with a noticeable flan crack on the reverse ...

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The first issue of this coin is thought to have been under Roger II of Sicily, who, in 1140, coined ducats bearing the figure of Christ, and the inscription, ‘Sit tibi, Christe, datus, quem tu regis iste ducatus’ (or roughly, “O Christ, let this ...

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ROMANIA-TRANSYLVANIA, Michael Apafi (1661-1690), silver twelve groschen or zwolfer, 1673, obv. around MI.APAF-.D.G. PT.-* , bust to right with armour, wearing fur hat and sceptre ...

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HUNGARY, Ludwig I (1342-1383), gold gulden or ducat, obv. Florentine lily, around +LODOV ICI REX, rev. St. John, standing facing, around S IOHA NNES B, ...

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HUNGARY, Sigismund (1387-1437), gulden or ducat, obv. quartered arms in shield, around SIGISMVNDI D G R VNGARIE, rev. St Ladislas standing facing, around S LADISL ...
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