1 Cent 砂拉越 青铜

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1927,SARAWAK. Cent, 1927-H. NGC SP-65 RB.KM-18. Brilliant mint red surfaces throughout with a light blue tone just beginning at the rim.

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1937,SARAWAK. Cent, 1937-H. PCGS SP-65 RD.KM-18; Tan-SC11. Full mint brilliance with neon yellow highlights, exceptional eye appeal.

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1927,SARAWAK. Cent, 1927-H. PCGS SP-65 RD.KM-18; Tan-SC11. Brilliant mint red surfaces throughout. Exceptionally attractive.

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1927,SARAWAK. Cent, 1927-H. PCGS SP-66+ RD Secure Holder.KM-18; Pridmore-unlisted. The finest certified example, this brilliant specimen piece boasts impeccable mint red surfaces throughout. A choice piece at the pinnacle of its population.PCGS#: 143554Pedigree: EX: Kings Norton Mint Collection.

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1929,SARAWAK. Cent, 1929-H. PCGS SP-64 RB Secure Holder.KM-18; Tan-SC11. EXREMELY RARE. The finest of only two specimens of this date graded at PCGS, with none at NGC. Light red toning.PCGS#: 394461

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Саравак 1 цент (1937 г.) Бронза Номер по Краузе КМ#18

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SARAWAK, Rajah Charles J.Brooke, quarter cent - fifty cents, 1863 - 1927, missing one cent 1941H, fifty cents, 1900H and 1906H; quarter cent, 1863 (KM.1) ...

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ELIZABETH II, Royal Mint trial set of planchets, c1985, undated, ten cents, twenty cents, fifty cents, one dollar, two dollars and five dollars, the first ...

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1909-S Indian Cent. ANACS graded VF-20. Popular key date. Estimated Value $400 - 440. Categories: Flying Eagle Cents and Indian Head Cents
20 Cent 砂拉越 銀
20 Cent 砂拉越 銀
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10 Cent 砂拉越 镍/銅
10 Cent 砂拉越 镍/銅
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CoinWorldTV 1275, Hungary/Croatia (Slavonia), Stephen V. Silver Banovac Denar Coin. R! ...
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1780, Empress Maria Theresa. Silver Thaler Coin. (1850-1900s) Old Re-Strike! Mint Place ...