1 Cent 美利堅合眾國 (1776 - ) 銅

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1793 -1796

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1796 S-91 R3 Liberty Cap VG8. Sharpness F15 with a rim dent under the 6 in the date plus numerous rim nicks on both sides. Glossy chocolate and olive brown. The surfaces are smooth and offer nice eye appeal, but the rim marks are a significant distraction. M-LDS. The date and legends are clear ...

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1796 S-84 R3 Liberty Cap AG3. Slightly sharper with areas of very shallow corrosion on both sides, the largest in the field under the cap. There is a dull nick on the neck and a few smaller marks in the field before the eye. Rather glossy chocolate and steel brown. The date is readable althoug ...

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1796 S-83 R4 Liberty Cap VG8. Slightly sharper with a couple light rim dents on both sides, including one at the bust tip and another over the Y in LIBERTY. Glossy dark olive and chocolate. There are traces of very light roughness under the glossy patina, especially on the lower half of the re ...

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1796 S-91 R3 Liberty Cap VG7. Clipped Planchet. A few points sharper but covered with fine to moderate roughness. Slightly glossy very dark steel and olive brown. No notable marks or verdigris, but there is a curved planchet clip opposite the mouth and chin, as struck, and the clip reaches ins ...

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1796 S-84 R3 Liberty Cap G6. Off Center. A couple points sharper with fine granularity under a mostly glossy dark olive and steel brown patina. No verdigris, and the only significant marks are a dig at the rim left of the cap and a trio of smaller nicks near the rim left of the lower curls. ED ...

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1796 S-82 R5 Liberty Cap VG10. Off Center. Sharpness VF25 or better but covered with moderate granularity. No verdigris, but there is a relatively strong scratch slanting through the fraction to just below the C in CENT. Dark olive and steel. Struck 5-10% off center to K-10.5. The date is bold ...

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1923-S Liberty Standing Quarter Dollar. PCGS graded MS-64 PQ. Well struck with the head nearly full. Close examination suggests this is a full head. Lightly toned around the edges. A nice origin ...

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1908-S. NGC graded MS-66 Red. Nice strike with relatively fresh color. Frosty Gem. Tied for finest at NGC. Satiny matte surfaces explode with intense luster and varying shades of coppery and gol ...

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1876. PCGS graded Proof 65 Cameo. Blast white Gem Cameo Proof. Only 1,260 struck. The Twenty-cent piece, sometimes called a "double dime," had a brief appearance in the fourth quarter of the 19t ...
1 Dollar 美利堅合眾國 (1776 - ) 銀
1 Dollar 美利堅合眾國 (1776 - ) 銀
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1 Cent 加拿大  乔治五世  (1865-1936)
1 Cent 加拿大 乔治五世 (1865-1936)
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