1 Cent 美利堅合眾國 (1776 - ) 銅

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1811 S-287 R2. NGC graded MS-64 Brown. Turban Head. Lustrous chocolate and olive brown mixed with some slightly lighter brown toning on the obverse. Attractive cartwheel luster from fine die flowlines covers both sides and this cent offers excellent eye appeal. The only mark is a horizontal ni ...

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1808 S-278 R3. VF-20. Turban Head. Sharpness EF40 but there are traces of shallow corrosion on both sides, strongest at ITED where there is shallow greenish verdigris caked into the protected areas. Mostly glossy dark olive with lighter steel brown toning on the highpoints. EDS, Breen state I. ...

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1814 S-295 R1 Plain 4 Turban Head VF35. Choice glossy medium chocolate brown with frosty lighter steel brown toning in protected areas. A beautiful cent, nearly flawless. A dull rim nick off the bust tip is the only notable defect. E-MDS. The reverse is bulged outward in a manner that is consi ...

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1814 S-294 R1 Crosslet 4 Turban Head VF20. Sharpness EF40 but there are numerous rim bruises on both sides, the strongest one at OF. Otherwise the surfaces are void of notable defects. Glossy dark olive and steel with lighter brown toning on some of the highpoints. Sharply struck EDS. Estimate ...

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1813 S-293 R2 Turban Head VF25. Sharpness AU50 but there is a strong nick on the rim under the first 1 in the date, and this mark caused a slight bend in the planchet creating a subtle bulge over the second S in STATES. A small dig in the field right of star 3, a dull rim nick over the second ...

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1812 S-290 R1 Small Date Turban Head VF30. Ten points sharper but there are traces of extremely faint roughness on both sides, none distracting or visible with the aid of a good glass. No contract marks. Frosty dark olive and steel mixed with traces of lighter chocolate on the reverse. Possibl ...

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1923-S Liberty Standing Quarter Dollar. PCGS graded MS-64 PQ. Well struck with the head nearly full. Close examination suggests this is a full head. Lightly toned around the edges. A nice origin ...

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1908-S. NGC graded MS-66 Red. Nice strike with relatively fresh color. Frosty Gem. Tied for finest at NGC. Satiny matte surfaces explode with intense luster and varying shades of coppery and gol ...

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1876. PCGS graded Proof 65 Cameo. Blast white Gem Cameo Proof. Only 1,260 struck. The Twenty-cent piece, sometimes called a "double dime," had a brief appearance in the fourth quarter of the 19t ...
1 Dollar 美利堅合眾國 (1776 - ) 銀
1 Dollar 美利堅合眾國 (1776 - ) 銀
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