10 Tala Samoa Silver

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10 Tala
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Posted by: gcoins  2010-08-24
Самоа 10 тала (1992 г.) Серебро Флот Якоба Роггевена. Номер по Краузе KM#99, 925-я проба, 31,77 грамм.

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TOKELAU 1981 1 Tala Frigate Bird UNC - Mtg=6500

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Samoa 25 Tala 1998. Fußballweltmeisterschaft 1998 in Frankreich. Polierte Platte

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SAMOA 1974 1 Tala Coconut Palm Silver Crown Proof
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MICRONESIA 2015 $10 Gandhi Silvered Colorized Crown-Size UNC - Mtg=400
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