1 Tyiyn Kyrgyzstan (1991 - ) Brass

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Transylvania, Christoph Bathori (1576-81), Nagyszeben-Hermannstadt, 10-Ducats, 35.57g, 1577, che* bath* de* som* vaivoda* transilva* et* sic* comes* z*, crowned shield with supporters, rev. virtv ...

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CoinWorldTV 1766, Sweden, Baron Vilhelm Sprengtporten (General & Dipolomat). Silver Medal. R! Mint Year: 1766 Mint Place: Paris? Condition: A nice XF-AU! Reference: Davenport 172 ...

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CoinWorldTV 1706, Hungary, Francis II Rakoczi. Beautiful Silver Gulden (½ Thaler) Coin. RR! Mint Year: 1706 Condition: A nice XF for issue! Denomination: Gulden (½ Tha ...
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SAINT HELENA 1973 25 Pence Tercentenary Silver Crown Proof
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8 Escudo Costa Rica Gold
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