1 Krone Denmark Copper/Nickel

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Posted by: gcoins  2010-08-24
Дания 1 крона (1992 г.) Медь-Никель Номер по Краузе KM#873.1, 3,6 грамма.

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NORWAY 1852 24 Skilling 1877 1 Krone - 2 Silver Coins

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DENMARK, Frederick III (1648-1670), silver krone or four mark, 1651, (KM.182, D.3567B). Delightful grey tone, good very fine and rare.

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Info: http://www.ebay.com/itm/291668714087 2016-02-01
NORWAY 1952-62 2-5-10-25-50 Ore-1 Krone - Lot of 11 Coins
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