10 Dollar Solomon Islands Silver Elizabeth II (1926-)

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10 Dollar    (aboutDollar)
Solomon Islands             
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Соломоновы острова 10 долларов (1992 г.) Серебро 40-летие коронации Королевы Елизаветы II (2 июня 1953 года), 925-я проба, 31,47 г.

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ELIZABETH II, Royal Mint trial set of planchets, c1985, undated, ten cents, twenty cents, fifty cents, one dollar, two dollars and five dollars, the first ...

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MONTSERRAT 1970 4 Dollars FAO Unc

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WORLD CROWNS, 18th-20th centuries, China, Empire, dollar (1911) (KM.Y.31); Republic, memento dollar; British Trade dollar, 1911; Straits Settlements, dollar, 1909; France, Louis XV, ecu d'argent ...
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