INDIA 1862 1/4 Rupee Silver XF

INDIA 1840(c) 1 Rupee Silver XF

INDIA 1901B 1 Rupee Silver AU-UNC

INDIA-HYDERABAD AH1361/YR32 1 Rupee Silver XF

MOMBASA 1888H 1 Rupee Silver XF

MOMBASA 1890H 1/4 Rupee Silver XF-AU

AFGHANISTAN 1906(AH1324) 5 Rupees 45mm Silver VF+

CEYLON 1957 5 Rupees 2500 Years Buddhism Silver Crown VF-XF

Price: 100.0  USD
GEORGE V KING EMPEROR 1/4 rupee india year - 1918

Price: 30.0  $

This is a ten rupee note. Look at it. Take in its color, its design (Gandhi is on all of the no ...

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