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1 Thaler    (aboutThaler)
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KM# 450.1 THALERSilver, 43 mm. Ruler: Karl Albrecht Obv: Two accolatedarmored busts to right Obv. Legend: D: G: CAR: ALB: & CAR:PHIL: S: R: I: ELECTORES EIUSQ: Rev: Imperial eagle, 2crowned oval shields of arms of Bavaria and Pfalz on breast, dateat end of legend Rev. Legend: IN PART: RHENI SUEV: ET IUR:FRANCON: VICARIORUM. Mint: Munich Note: Vicariat issue.Dav. #1945; JB-1955; H-264. P ...
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    1 Thaler Electorate of Bavaria (1623 - 1 ...
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CoinWorldTV 1802, Electorate of Bavaria, Maximilian IV. Large Silver Thaler Coin. VF+ Mint Yea ...
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    1 Penny Australia (1939 - ) Bronze Georg ...
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