Holy Roman Empire (962-1806)

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Karl III gold Ducat 1714, Karlsburg mint, KM#563, Fr-520, AU Details (Surface Hairlines) NGC. A rare type with a very typical strike for the issue; the high relief on the eagle’s heads has resulted in some weakness to Karl’s temple as well as to the eagle itself. The obverse surfaces have been brushed with the effect of creating a slightly unnatural sheen. Karl was the third of the Hapsburg emperors to rule over Transylvania.

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Hanau-GesamthausGulden (60 Kreuzer) 1675, Suchier 496, Davenport 547. Vorzüglich

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Germany, Brunswick, Georg III (1760-1820), Gulden or 24-Mariengroschen, 1798 plm, crowned shield, rev. value and date (KM 341; Wel.2817), good very fine, toned

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AUSTRIA, Leopold I - Leopold II, three kreuzer, 1697 MMW (KM.1230); five kreuzer, 1790A (KM.2061); six kreuzer, 1707 CB (KM.187), 1747 (KM.724); quarter thaler, 1740 ...
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1 Denarius Roman Republic (509BC-27BC) Silver
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Deutsch Ostafrika 5 Heller 1914 J. Jaeger 718. Fast Stempelglanz
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