Seleucid Empire (312BC-63 BC) Silver Philip I Philadelphus (?-83BC)

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Philip I Philadelphus (?-83BC)             

Philip, Philadelphos, AR Tetradrachm, 93-83 BC, Seleukid Kingdom

(No legend) Diademed head right, fillet border BASILEWS / FILIPPOU | EPIFANOUS / FILADELFOU Zeus enthroned left, Nike in right hand, scepter in left, N in left field, all within wreath 25mm x 28mm, 15.57g
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PHILIP I PHILADELPHOS AR TETRADRACHM Description: Date: C, 94-87 BC Obv: Diademed head right Rev: Zeus Nikephoros seated left; AP ...

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ANCIENT COINS, GREEK, Greek Silver Coins (7), comprising Thrace, Apollonia Pontika (late 5th Century to early 4th Century BC), Silver Drachm, anchor and crayfish, rev head of Medusa facing; Illyr ...

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† ANCIENT COINS, GREEK, Greek Silver Coins (7), including an Athenian Tetradrachm, Alexander III (The Great), Drachms; and Seleukid and Parthian Drachms. Mostly fair to fine. (7) £120-160

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ANCIENT COIN COPIES, copy of Athens tetradrachm (16.35 grams) (illustrated); another of very barbarous uncertain type of Roman Republic denarius or drachms of Spain and ...
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