Aspron trachy Byzantine Empire (330-1453) Billon Andronicus I Co ...

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Andronicus I, Comnenus, Billon Aspron Trachy, 1183-1185, Constantinople


The Virgin standing facing on dias, nimbate and wearing pallium and maphorium, holding nimbate head of the infant Christ facing


Christ, bearded and with numbus cruciger on right, wearing pallium and colobium, book of Gospels in left hand, right hand
crowning Andronicus on left, wearing divitision, loros and sagion, labarum in right hand, globus cruciger in left, IC | XC in
fields by Christ

28mm x 29mm, 3.83g
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Isaac II. EL-Aspron Trachy, Konstantinopel. Sear 2002. Prachtexemplar. Vorzüglich - Stempelglanz

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Aspron Trachy, 4,05 g. Sear 1961. Kl. Kratzer, Doppelschlag, sehr schön - vorzüglich

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Aspron Trachy 1160-1164. 4,17 g. Christus von vorn / Kaiser und St. Theodoros. Sear 1959. Sehr schön
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