AE_ Ptolemaic Kingdom (332BC-30BC) Bronze

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Phoenicia-Marathos, AE22, Year 98 (162/161 BC)

(No legend)

Veiled female head right

Marathos standing left, branch upward in right hand, left arm leaning on column, Phoenician date in left field, other Phoenician
letters in left and right fields

20mm x 22mm, 8.79g

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Livia AE Dichalkon, Alexandria Livia (+29 AD). AE Dichalkon (15 mm, 1.84 g), Alexandria, Egypt. Year 4 = 17/18. Obv. Head right. Rev. L - Δ, Bundle of two grain ears and two poppies; date across ...

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Argos AE Dichalkon, ex BCD Argos, Argolis. AE Dichalkon (16 mm, 4.00 g), c. late 2nd - 80 BC. Obv. Laureate head of Apollo to right. Rev. Wolf Standing at bay to right; above, monogram APX. BCD P ...

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Megara AE Dichalkon, ex BCD Megara, Megaris. AE Dichalkon (15 mm, 2.52 g), second half of 4th Century to early 3rd Century BC. Obv. Prow of galley to left on which stands a tripod. Rev. MEΓA betw ...
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