AE_ Ancient Greece (1100BC-330) Bronze

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Autonomous Issue, AE21, Cilicia-Tarsos

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Turreted, veiled, draped bust of Tyche right, countermark of radiate bust right on cheek, border of dots


Pyre of Sandan in the form of a pyramidal structure, containing figure of Sandan on lion, surmounting garlanded square basis, eagle perched on apex

20mm x 21mm, 6.54g

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BACTRIA, Kingdom of, Eukratides I, (170-145 B.C.), AE quadruple unit or hemi-obol (25x22mm), (7.60 grams), obv. pith helmeted head of Eukratides to right with legend ...

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Haiti. Republic (1825-1849). Ae 1 Centime, 1846 An 43 (Ae - 2,47g - 22mm). KM 24. Very fine

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SICILY. Syracuse. Timoleon and the Third Democracy. Ae 2 Litrae (344-335 BC). Obv: Z??? ??????????. Laureate head of Zeus left. Rev: ??????????. Horse galloping left. SNG ANS 533-541. Condition: ...
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