6 Penny British West Africa (1780 - 1960) Silver George V of the ...

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Posted by: gcoins 2010-08-24
Западная Африка 6 пенсов (1914 г.) Серебро Георг V. Номер по Краузе КМ#11, 925-я проба, 2,8276 г.

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CoinWorldTV 1858, Australia, Melbourne. Nice Copper "Peace & Plenty" Penny Token Coin. XF! Mint Date: 1858 Condition: A nice XF! Reference: KM-Tn285.1. R! Denomination: ...

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Info: http://www.ebay.com/itm/371450110030 2015-10-03
CoinWorldTV 1857, Australia, Sydney. Copper "Hanks & Company" Tea Mart Penny Token. VF+ Mint Date: 1857 Reference: KM-Tn81. R! Company: Hanks & Company Condition: A ...
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