4 Escudo Peru Gold Ferdinand VI of Spain (1713-1759)

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4 Escudo    (aboutEscudo)
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The diameter of this coin is just over 30 mm, making it by far the largest 1750 issue. Most 1750’s have a diameter of about 28 mm. In 1750 a new style of planchet preparation was being introduced at the Lima mint in anticipation of the machine-struck coinage to begin in 1751. Round thick gold planchets of about 23-24 mm were prepared. Under the pressures created by a mechanical press, these planchets would indeed expand to 33-34 mm, but when these small planchets were hand-struck, they fortunate to expand to 27-28 mm, creating 8 escudos close to 4 escudos size. A few early 1750’s, however, were struck from the old-style wider, thinner planchets. They are less round but also, fortunately, broader and able to capture more of the design. This coin is clearly struck on an old-style planchet and shows detail not visible on the smaller planchet 1750’s.

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PORTUGUESE GUINEA 1946-1952 50 Centavos-2 1/2 Escudos - 3 Coins

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MOZAMBIQUE 1936-1974 20 Centavos-1 Escudo - 5 Coins Avg. VF-UNC

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MOZAMBIQUE 1960-1968 10-20 Centavos-10 Escudos - 3 Coins UNC
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